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David Chesky's "White Rose Trilogy" is a profound musical work inspired by the brave students of the White Rose resistance group at the University of Munich. This trio of movements captures the essence of their defiant spirit and tragic fate. Premiered at the Dresden Festival in Germany, the piece stands as a poignant tribute to their courage. The first movement, "Horror," immerses listeners in the terrifying atmosphere of Nazi oppression, evoking the fear and anguish faced by the young resistors. The second movement, "The Reading of the Names," solemnly honors the memory of those who sacrificed their lives, each note resonating with their enduring legacy. The final movement, "Sophie's Ascension into Heaven," transcends earthly suffering, depicting Sophie Scholl's ascent to a place of eternal peace and justice. Through these movements, Chesky's composition eloquently memorializes the White Rose students' unwavering stand against tyranny. Running time 31 minutes.

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