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The Mice War - David Chesky's Opera for Children

An Opera for Children


David Chesky's  - The Mice War Opera - Poland

The Krakow Opera 
Krakow, Poland
"Truly sensational!"
Poland Cl

National Symphony Orchestra (NSO)
Taipei, Taiwan
"David Chesky uses music to tell a story about love & peace, 
it's a wonderful imaginative journey, highly recomme
Zhao Ziqiang, Children's Theate
r, China

Teatr Muzyczny w Poznaniu
Poznan, Poland

"The Mice War is one of the rare opportunities for children
to engage in contemporary classical music, 
young viewers were pleased, and some downright thrilled!"
Katarzyna Kaminska, Cultural Poznan

Orchestra Miami with The Florida Grand Opera 
Miami, Florida

"A hit with its target audience" 
The Financial Times

Bargemusic Chamber Music Festival
New York, New York

Do you know why Cheese is Yellow? 

The Mice War is an Opera for
children that teaches about the absurdity of war and acceptance of cultural diversity while exposing them to classical music. 

This is a little story about the industrious Blue Mice that live in the North 
and the passive Red Mice that live on an Island way in the south. 
The Blue Mice need to make more money so they decide they need to have a war. 

The reason for the war?

The Blue Mice eat blue cheese and the Red Mice eat yellow cheese. 
What would happen if the Red Mice came and made the Blue Mice eat yellow Cheese???

David Chesky's - The Mice War - Opera for Children  - Poland's Poster

The Mice War
Krakow Opera
Krakow - Poland

Director: Robert Drobniuch
Stage design and costumes: Anna Hadaj
Conductor: Yaniv Segal

Mezzo-soprano: Agnieszka Rehlis
Tenor: Adam Zdunikowski
Baritone: Stanislaw Kufluk

Krakow Opera

The Mice War
NSO - National Symphony Orchestra
Taipei - Taiwan

Stage Director Shi Pei-Yu
Conductor Chang Yi-Fan

Chou Ming-Yu’s narrator
Chang Sheng-Jay
Chen Wei-Yu 
Li Yixuan

NSO - National Symphony Orchestra
National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

David Chesky's - The Mice War Opera for Children - Taiwan
David Chesky's - The Mice War Opera for Children - New York Production

The Mice War

Director: Scott Parry 
Conductor: Ransom Wilson 

Shon Sims
Sean Anderson 
Sarah Jane McMahon

BargeMusic - New York


"The Mice  War, or Of Brave Albert and Yellow Cheese"

Krakow Opera:

The project was truly sensational. Kudos to the composer, director, and performers. I left feeling more than pleased, and judging by the reactions of the audience, I wasn't the only one. 

The opera I saw in Krakow was written in 2009. The Mice War's surprises begin with the music. The well thought-out, not at all easy tune reminds me a little of some of Stravinsky's pieces-the music is very modern, but despite this is not irritating or overly simplistic. At times, it is melodic and rhythmic. It's interesting to listen to, as well as being appealing to children, and it is performed by an eight-member chamber ensemble.

The opera's plot, which also contains spoken parts, takes place in a world of two mouse kingdoms. In one of them, a key part is played by General [Puszka], a dangerous militarist. He wants a war with the second kingdom, led by King [Medrek]-a wise, peaceful ruler. Everything ends happily-among others thanks to the efforts of Albert, a rebellious student. The libretto is engaging, skillfully translated into Polish, and easily understood.

The singing and acting of the soloists was excellent. Overall, it was a truly good modern performance. David Chesky, who was present at the Krakow premiere, was given a long ovation by the audience.

Marcin Kaczmarczyk , Poland Classic's

"The Mice War works for two reasons. Firstly, it is one of the rare opportunities for children 
to engage in contemporary classical music, and secondly, it is accompanied by an ambitious educational project. The message of the play also brings important content. 
And most importantly - young viewers were be pleased, and some downright thrilled!"

Katarzyna Kaminska, Cultura Magazine, Poznan, Poland

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