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Calista part two of the trilogy in the time following The Beauty of Evil










In a radiant kingdom, the love between Hilde and Prince Charming blossoms into a grand wedding and the birth of their daughter, Calista. Her baptism, attended by magical beings, marks a life of wonder, but the ghost of the Evil Queen, Calista's enigmatic grandmother, watches her granddaughter with a mix of envy and curiosity. As Calista grows into a beautiful young woman, her charm captivates everyone, including a charming young prince who marries her. However, his infidelity shatters her heart, leading her to vow never to be deceived again. Meanwhile, Alaric, a cunning sorcerer, discovers a powerful mirror left by the Evil Queen and casts a perpetual night over the kingdom.Seeking refuge in the enchanted woods, Calista meets Eamon, a valiant warrior, and their love promises hope amidst the darkness. Together, they plan to reclaim the kingdom from Alaric. The confrontation is challenging, but the ghost of the Evil Queen intervenes, torn between her dark past and love for Calista. She defeats Alaric, breaking the mirror’s spell. With dawn breaking, Calista and Eamon ascend to the throne, their reign becoming a testament to the power of love and redemption. The kingdom, celebrating its liberation, looks to a future filled with hope and light, inspired by Calista's resilience and courage.


Running time with intermission 2 hours

Pic, 2fl./ 2ob./ 2cl./ 2bs./ 4hrns./ 3 tpts./ 3tbns./ tuba / tymp./ 4 perc./ strings

Lead soloists  2 Sopranos, Mezzo, Tenor, Bass

Choir SATB

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