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A Comic Opera by David Chesky

What if Juliet and Romeo actually faked their deaths in Verona in order to steal their parents' money?


What if they ran off to the island of Sardinia so they could live on the beach?


What if Juliet turned out to be a spoiled brat and Romeo just a stupid dishrag?


What if they decided to move to modern-day New York where they were suddenly the toast of the town?


What if they decided to have a child?


What if Romeo became the manager of the Metropolitan Opera and Juliet became a raging lesbian?


What if Romeo in a typical Italian jealous rage killed Juliet, and then Juliet’s lover in turn killed Romeo?


What if this whole thing made no bit of difference and we just went back to the first scene where they were both already dead?


What if we threw in a Rastafarian spiny lobster? 


Juliet, soprano

Romeo, tenor

Ensemble + Secondary Roles (including the Spiny Lobster), quartet (SATB)


"Juliet & Romeo" - 100:00 min
fl. / cl./ harp / 1 perc. / strings
Soloists: 1 Tenor, 1 Baritone, 1 Soprano, 1 Alto
Choir SATB

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