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the new latin trio

An Epochal Fusion of Afro Cuban Rhythms and 21st Century Classical Harmony!

                            Experience the Future, wrapped in Tradition.

The New York Descargas

The trio comprises David Chesky, a classical composer and jazz pianist; the legendary Giovanni Hidalgo on congas; and master bassist John Benitez. Dive deep into an unprecedented musical journey where the fervent beats of Afro Cuban music merge seamlessly with the sophisticated cadences of modern 21st Century classical harmony. The result? A breathtaking and innovative soundscape that's set to redefine the boundaries of Latin music.


The trio isn't just a compilation; it's an experience, a testament to the timeless spirit of Afro Cuban roots harmoniously intertwined with the future of classical arrangements


With their new album "The New York Descargas," expect the unexpected, for here, tradition and innovation dance in a passionate embrace, charting a new course for music enthusiasts around the globe.


Join the revolution. "The NEW LATIN TRIO " is a movement, a symphony of cultures, and a celebration of evolution.


Experience the future, wrapped in tradition.

David Chesky's The New Latin Trio
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