(Scene Descriptions)

Act 1

Scene 1: Benís Farm in Vermont
Set: A farm in Vermont, with a bedroom and window
Dancers: The Zephyrtine and Ben
Ben is asleep in his bedroom on his familyís farm in Vermont. Suddenly, in the field outside Benís window, a bright spinning light starts dancing in the sky. Ben wakes up and becomes nervous and a little scared. Then, in one enormous flash of light, the magical Zephyrtine appears in Benís field.

Scene 2: The Zephyrtine Appears
Set: Farm
Action: Grand and heartwarming,
Dancers: The Zephyrtine and Ben
Ben nervously watches the Zephyrtine through the window of his room. You will hear three French horn chords as the Zephyrtine takes a bow. A magical bell rings out and the Zephyrtine begins to dance.

Scene 3: What Is This Magnificent Creature?
Set: Farm
Action: Tension
Dancers: The Zephyrtine and Ben
The Zephyrtine slowly approaches Benís window and they see each other. A scared Ben backs away as The Zephyrtine comes and knocks on the window and Ben runs back and hides. Then the Zephyrtine does it again, and Ben hides and runs around some more. The two accidentally back up into each other and are startled.

Scene 4: The Zephyrtine meets Ben
Set: Farm
Action: Fun, friendly conversation as they both warm up to each other
Dancers: The Zephyrtine and Ben
Ben and the Zephyrtine say hello to each other (Ben is voiced by the piccolo and the Zephyrtine is voiced by the French horn). Ben says something funny to the Zephyrtine. The Zephyrtine mimics Ben. They enter into a dance, each having a solo (piccolo solo is Benís dance and the French horn is Zephyrtineís). The new friends dance together.

Scene 5: Letís visit the Planet Eudora where the Zephyrtines live
Set: Farm
Action: Majestic and soaring as they will fly
Dancers: The Zephyrtine and Ben
Ben and the Zephyrtine engage in friendly conversation (piccolo and French horn) and the Zephyrtine asks Ben if he would like to visit his magical home in Eudora. Ben ponders the offer (sound of the harp and strings), and agrees to go. They do a majestic dance as they fly away to Eudora.

Act 1 black out on last big chord.

Act 2

Eudora is a strange place; birds have no wings and cannot fly, vegetables are not able to grow but instead are manufactured in factories, and ice cream grows on trees. People are of all different colors like blue, red, green and yellow. It is a utopian society where all live together as one, without wars or killing.

Scene 1: Morning in Eudora
Set: The town of Eudora with colorful buildings, and ice cream trees
Action: Comedy
Dancers: the entire ballet corps as trios
Its early morning with the town still while Ben sleeps. Birds begin to sing and then the alarm clock goes off. Ben wakes up. The Eudorians make their way to work, dancing, they are blue, yellow and green workers.

Scene 2: Dance of the Ice Cream Trees
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: the entire ballet corps
Dance of the ice cream trees. The entire town celebrates their ice cream trees with a dance.

Scene 3: Dance of the Wingless Birds
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: Three Wingless Birds
Dance of the wingless birds. It is a comical dance. The goofy little birds line up, dance, and lose their place, and get confused and a Eudorian stops them. They line up again to repeat the dance. They dance, get confused and walk off stage.

Scene 4: Dance of the Zephyrtines
Set: Eudora
Action: Majestic
Dancers: Three Zephyrtines
Dance of the Zephyrtines. They all line up and do a very macho Russian dance.

Scene 5: Dance of the Chocolate Cows
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: Three Chocolate Fat Cows
Dance of the Chocolate cows. The people of Eudora get Chocolate milk from chocolate cows. It starts off with a few false starts. This is funny dance with all these fat cows. At the end one last crazy cow is left on stage dancing (she forgets the number is over) while the others leave the stage.

Scene 6: Dance of the Vegetable Builders
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: Three Vegetable Builders
Dance of the Vegetable Builders. The Vegetable Builders do an up-tempo dance to demonstrate how they build vegetables. At the end of the dance, Ben receives an invitation to meet the King.

Act 3

Scene 1: The Red King's solo
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: Kalek, the Red King
The Red King enters with a big fanfare, all disheveled. They put his robes on. Ben meets Kalek, the Red King, with his short pants and two mismatching socks. The Red King dances a comedic dance.

Scene 2: The Daissa the Green Queen
Set: Eudora
Action: Majestic and then gets funky
Dancers: the Green Queen
Dance of the Green Queen. The Queen has an elegant entrance and does a very graceful, elegant dance. The Green Queen suddenly shakes it up and the rhythm changes to a funky groove.

Scene 3: Chaya the Blue Princess
Set: Eudora
Action: Asian mysterious
Dancers: the Blue Princess Solo
Dance of Chaya, the Blue Princess. She enters from the back and does a very elegant, sensual dance. At the end, she sits down next to her father, the Red King.

Scene 4: Ib the Monster comes down from the mountains
Set: Eudora
Action: Tension
Dancers: The Monster (in shadow stealing the Princess, and some corps)
The stage goes dark as a gush of wind starts to blow. Ib, the Monster is voiced through the bass drum, walking to the stage from a distance. Hungry, Ib searches for something to eat, since the Ice Cream Trees have all been melted by the heat. The angry monster decides to steal the Blue Princess and wreck havoc on the town. All the people are scared and run away. The music ends as Ib, the Monster walks off stage.(The entire scene should be in a dark stage setting)

Scene 5: Where is the Blue Princess?
Set: Eudora
Action: Confusion
Dancers, Ben, the Zephyrtine, the King, the Queen, and ballet corps
The Red King learns that his daughter is missing. As a reward, he will give an Ice Cream Tree to the person that finds his daughter. The Eudorians are divided into small groups as they begin to look for the Princess doing a lopsided Russian dance. The dance becomes more frantic as the music continues.

Act 4

Scene 1: The Sapphire Forest
Set: The Sapphire Forest, with sapphires all over the floor and all the trees have sapphire leaves.
Action: Mysterious
Dancers: Ben, the Zephrytine, and corps as fish
The Zephyrtine tells Ben that the only one who knows how to get the Blue Princess back is Gortee, the wise old talking fish. They travel to the Sapphire Forest where Ben and the Zephyrtine learn that the fish all live in the trees.

Scene 2: Gortee the wise old talking Fish
Set: the Sapphire Forest
Action: Mysterious
Dancers: Gortee the wise talking fish (Ben, Zephyrtine, and corps look on)
Ben and the Zephyrtine meet Gortee the wise old talking fish that dances for them.

Scene 3: Dance of the fish that live in the trees
Set: the Sapphire forest
Action: Mysterious
Dancers: Gortee the wise old talking fish and corps (Ben and the Zephyrtine look on)
All the fish dance. Ben learns from Gortee the only way to save the princess is to throw a pumpkin into the Monsters mouth and he will gently go to sleep.

Scene 4: Ben and the King
Set: Eudora
Action: Conflict
Dancers, The Red King and Ben and Zephyrtine and corps look on
Ben tells the Red King about the pumpkin, but no one in Eudora knows how to manufacture one. Ben explains that on his farm in Vermont they grow pumpkins, so he must travel back home to get one. The Kings argues that Ben is crazy for thinking of such a plan and sends him to jail for his own good, because everyone knows you canít grow vegetables.

Scene 5: Let's go find a real Pumpkin!
Set: Black screen with farm
Action: Majestic
Dancers: Ben and the Zephyrtine
Ben successfully escapes from jail. He and the Zephyrtine fly off to Vermont to bring back a pumpkin from his farm.

Act 5

Scene 1: Ib the Monster's Cave
Set: In front of Ib the Monsters Cave
Action: Tension, then conflict and fighting
Dancers: Ben, the Zephyrtine, and the Monster
Ben and the Zephyrtine enter Ib, the monsterís cave. Ben is scared when he hears the monster (voiced by the bass drum). The monster appears and they try to fight him off. Ben gets ready to throw a pumpkin into the monsterís mouth but pulls out a potato by mistake from the sack and chucks it into the monsterís mouth. The potato has no effect on the monster, but only makes him more upset. The monster chases him. Ben grabs a pumpkin and throws it into the monsters mouth. A coo-coo clock strikes and the monster becomes rapidly dizzy, stumbling around the stage as he falls into a slumber.

Scene 2: Ben and the Blue Princess
Set: in front of Ib, the Monsters cave
Action: Romance
Dancers: Ben and the Blue Princess
Ben rescues Blue princess and they do a beautiful dance together.

Act 6

Scene 1: The Kiing Gives Billy and Ice Crean Tree
Set: Eudora
Action: Majestic
Dancers: the King as the corps look on
The celebration begins with the Kings opening fanfare to get everyone together.

Scene 2: The Grand Celebration
Set: Eudora, the Grand Festival
At the Grand Festival, the characters come and do short versions of their theme dances with their music in succession. The festival commences with the Eudorians dancing and continues with Dance of the Wingless Birds, Dance of the Zephyrtines, Dance of the Chocolate Cows and Dance of the Vegetable Workers.

Scene 3: Dance of the Wingless Birds
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: the Wingless bird trio
Dance of the wingless birds.

Scene 4: Dance of the Zephyrtines
Set: Eudora
Action: Majestic
Dancers: The three Zephyrtine corps
Dance of the Zephyrtines.

Scene 5: Dance of the Chocolate Cows
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: The Chocolate Cow trio
Dance of Chocolate cows.

Scene 6: Dance of the Vegetable workers
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: The Vegetable workers trio

Scene 7: Ben gets an Ice Cream Tree
Set: Eudora
Action: Comedy
Dancers: Everyone
The King gives Ben an Ice Cream Tree as his reward. Ben and the Blue Princess dance around the Ice Cream Tree with the corps. A fanfare begins the end of the ballet. Ben will take the Ice Cream Tree back home to Vermont to share with his best friend, Jerry.


The Zephyrtine Ballet
"A fantasy for children and families"

by David Chesky

"The Zephyrtine is one of those felicitous musical events that will appeal to audiences from six to sixty years of age. Younger listeners will delight at this balletís frequent sonic surprises while their parents and grandparents will derive great pleasure from a piece that, while modern in concept and execution, is readily accessible to their ears. While it may take The Zephyrtine some time to compete with The Nutcracker on the perennial list of holiday favorites, this recording is definitely one for this yearís seasonal shopping list."
Lawrence D. Devoe - Blue-Ray Definition.com
Illustrations and set design
by Angela Vieira:
The_Zephyrtine_The _Vegetables_Factory
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The Zephyrtine Ballet
conducted by maestro Rui Massena

1 Ben's Farm in Vermont 1:45

2 The Zephyrtine Appears 0:48

3 What Is This Magnificent Creature? 1:33

4 The Zephyrtine Meets Ben 2:18

5 Let's Visit the Planet Eudora Where the Zephyrtines Live 3:15

6 Morning in Eudora 2:42

7 Dance of the Ice Cream Trees 1:52

8 Dance of the Wingless Birds 1:50

9 Dance of the Zephyrtines 2:05

10 Dance of the Chocolate Cows 1:31

11 Dance of the Vegetable Builders 3:13

12 The Red King Kalek 2:40

13 Daissa the Green Queen 2:26

14 Chaya the Blue Princess 3:00

15 Ib the Monster Comes down from the Mountains 2:55

16 Where Is the Blue Princess? 2:25

17 The Sapphire Forest 1:57

18 Gortee the Wise Old Talking Fish 2:12

19 Dance of the Fish That Live in the Trees 2:51

20 Ben and the King 2:13

21 Let's Go Find a Real Pumpkin 2:36

22 Ib the Monster's Cave 5:51

23 Ben and the Blue Princess 3:14

24 The King Gives Billy an Ice Cream Tree

25 The Grand Celebration 6:31