Music Performance Videos

Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra

Concerto No.2 For Violin & Orchestra

The Sapphire Forest Rehearsal from the Ballet The Zephyrtine

String Theory ( trio version )

Music Videos

Central Park Morning for Brass Quintet

Joy & Sorrow - Dora's Dance

Rap Symphony

Psalm I for String Orchestra

Kids You're Late For School  from  the "New York Rags" for solo piano

Penn Station from the "New York Rags" for solo piano

Concerto for Electric Guitar & Orchestra

Music  Interviews

Interview on Cultural, with Charles Greenfield

David on WBGO talking about the New York Rags

The soloists talking about the Concerto for Violin, Cello & orchestra

Interviews in Sweden about Urban Music

Concerto for Orchestra

Technical Interviews

Making Binaural Records

David Chesky at AES

David Chesky on hi res audio

David Chesky Binuaral+ part 1

David Chesky Binuaral+ part 2

Jazz in the New Harmonic at the Blue Note
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