"Reviewers Choice Award"
Sesame Street Parent Magazine

"Dr. Toy Recognition of Excellence Award"
Institute for Child Resources

"A foursome of kid friendly felines guides young listeners on a tour of the orchestra, your child will want to stand up and shout, BRAVO"

Child Magazine, Editors picks, Best Software of the Year

"Classical Cats is a great way to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra. They sound like one big festive family"
Chicago Tribune

"Got plans for the Hollywood Bowl or a neighborhood concert in the park series? Before you go, conduct your own mini music appreciation class."
.A. Daily News

"As school budgets shrink - and fine arts classes dwindle - it has become increasing important for classical music appreciation to begin at home, which is where Classical Cats comes in. A fun entertaining educational experience."

Family Fun Magazine

"A Purr-fect gift for teaching kids about orchestras. What an enjoyable, educational, easy -to - listen to audio primer...."

Courier -Journal (Louisville Kentucky)

"Classical Cats - A Children's Introduction to the Orchestra!"
Classical Cats
David Chesky is committed to helping children develop their creativity and expand their cultural horizons. Classical Cats is the result of this commitment. Children are born with unbound creative energy. Young children have no difficulty accepting fantastic and fictional ideas - however, by the age of about 9 or 10, children begin conforming to adult preferences for the ordinary. Some children may lose touch with their creativity altogether if it is not supported. Art and music allow for the development and appreciation of originality, which is why it is so important to instill a love for the arts in our children at an early age. Classical Cats is a wonderful way for young children to learn about the orchestra.
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